2 wordpress 1 database

You can use a WordPress MultiSite install and have as many sites as you want with themes and plugins controlled from a central place (the network admin dashboard). A WordPress MultiSite install used only one database.

Easy add two installs and give each a separate database prefix.

Open config.php and change the default “wp_” to “s1_” in the first site and “s2_” in the second. (or whatever you want)

This will create two separate installs in the same database.

You can’t actually do what you asked above without writing a custom hook which I do not recommend as it will almost guarantee that both sites are blacklisted by Google for duplicate content.

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You can manage this by using table prefixes to allow multiple installations.

This method only works for manual installation, which means you cannot use “Softaculous” or any one-click installation services from your hosting provider.

During the installation in your config.php phase, you want to change the prefix “wp_” in order to allow multiple installations. So it can be wpchris_ and the next one can be wpben_ you can use different prefixes and use them to create as many installations as you need.

That is all you really need to do. This is also a security measure that you can take even if you don’t have to install multiple installation. By having a prefix, you are making the hacker work more to find out what is the SQL Address before he can hack.

I would not recommend it as it’ll probably kill your SEO and it runs the risk of corrupting your data if you write to the same database from both places. But as far as I know, there’s nothing preventing such a foot gun from being used.

The best way to know if it’s going to work is to test the setup and see if it’s going to work

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