How to add reviews from aliexpress to shopify for Free

AliExpress Review Importer is a Shopify app designed to help you keep track of reviews on your store by importing them from AliExpress. After that, you can show off your precious reviews by adding them to – the automatic review app especially developed to import products, orders, and reviews from AliExpress onto your Shopify shop and display them in a review section of your choice.

AliExpress Review Importer

  • Pricing Free
  • Unlimited review imports
  • Boost sales with social proof
  • Overall rating 4.8 of 5 stars

Import product reviews from AliExpress to your Shopify products in three simple steps:

  1. Install the app
  2. Choose the product you want to add reviews
  3. Enter AliExpress product URL and apply filters

You can also install our Google Chrome extension to import reviews directly from Oberlo or AliExpress pages.

We will import from AliExpress:

  • Review ratings
  • Review text
  • Review photos

You can apply multiple filters to get the set of reviews you want:

  • Number of reviews to import
  • Minimum rating: any, 3+, 4+, only 5 stars
  • Only reviews with photos
  • Minimum number of words
  • Country

Additional options:

  • Translate reviews to English via AliExpress
  • The maximum amount of reviews (for increasing performance)

AliExpress Review Importer will run multiple review imports in the background on our servers – not your store’s. Approximately 25 reviews are imported per second. No browser extension is required.

Functionality in detail

  1. AliExpress Review Importer will show you all your Shopify products
  2. You decide which products you want to add reviews to
  3. Your search for the relevant AliExpress product(s) and add the URL to AliExpress Review Importer
  4. You choose your filter criteria and import the reviews
  5. Reviews are imported in the background. Once the import is done you can choose to receive an email.
  6. View and manage your imported reviews in the dashboard.

How to add reviews from aliexpress to Shopify

This video is about how to import product reviews from Aliexpress to the Shopify store with a FREE Shopify App. This is the new strategy to add reviews to your Shopify products. It is Fastest Method to add reviews.

What about displaying the reviews on your store?

You can quickly import AliExpress reviews using this app, but you need to install another app in order to post the reputation rating on your store. Check the app to automatically insert the rating into your site’s meta tag. If you want to upload your reviews right away, export them into a CSV file and then use any other add-on in their database that allows importing reviews by CSV upload!

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