How to add credit card icons to your footer WordPress ?

It depends on the theme which you are using.

  1. You can upload the icons into media and use the img src link in footer.php
  2. Or If your theme has widgets supporting icons u use the uploaded icons in the widget
  3. If your theme widget doesn’t support images, u can use custom HTML and use the media URL in that.

And, these are all not required with nowadays themes. You can just check this in theme options and update…

So finally it’s the theme deciding factor.


How to add payment icons to the footer

  1. Navigate to Theme Options → Shop → Payment Icons.
  2. Enable or disable required payment icons by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon or uploading a custom image instead.
  3. Choose the placement in the ‘Placement’ section.

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How to show credit card icons in footer/widget?

Navigate to Dashboard > Customize > Theme Options > Footer > Footer Bottom Bar and add this markup: <i class="fa fa-credit-card"></i> to the input box.
Note: You have to select the text option located at the top right of the input box for the markup to work.

Is there a shortcode/plugin that will allow you to display accepted credit card icons on the footer of the page or inside a widget? That way it appears on every page at the bottom. It’s required for Google Shopping. Example

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