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Hello friends, today I am going to talk about Shayari Template, nowadays everyone is earning money from Adsense by creating the Shayari website, but do you know that traffic comes in more quantity on a website like Shayari, but the problem is that a lot. There are people who do not know how to customize the template, so I have created a Shayari Template Fully Customized which I am going to give to the people, which you can download for free and upload it to the theme section of your blogger to create a Shayari Website.

Shayari Website Template In Blogger

Let me tell you what is the name of this Shayari Template, by the way, everyone knows about this template, then the name of this template is Palki 2, if you use this template in your Blogger, then you will also get Google Adsense Approval. will get it very soon

Friends, I have already written two posts about Palki 2 Template, but in this post I am writing for those people who want to create Shayari Website but they do not know how to customize the template.

Shayari Blog Template Palki 2

Shayari Blog Template Palki 2:- Friends, if you are a blogger and you want to give knowledge about blogging to people, then I have customized Palki 2 Template according to a blogger




the Shayari theme for the blogger template.

Shayari Website Template Category:- Friends, the way I have customized this template is according to which category, our main objective was to customize Shayari Template, so let’s know what category you get in this template is going to

1. News
2. Hindi Shayari
3. Whatsapp Shayari
4. Love Shayari
5. Birthday Shayari
6. Two Line Shayari
7. Sad Shayari
8. Good Night Shayari
9. Romantic Shayari

And along with About, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Us, you do not need to customize anything in this template according to you and you can give About, Privacy Policy according to your own.
If you want to know more about Mobile Friendly Template, then you can visit our other post by clicking on the link given below, which you can start blogging by installing in the Theme section of your Blogger,

By using this template, you will also get the approval of Google Adsense, and whatever visitor will read your blog, whether it is read in mobile or on your desktop, then this template will automatically fix its size, so that the user will be able to visit your site. There will be no problem

Friends, in today’s post, I told you all about Shayari Template Fully Customized, if you want to download this template then click on the link given below.

shayari template blogger free

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