Top 10 Shopify dropshipping stores in 2022

Shopify is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms around. If your online business is just starting out, you need to make sure you have the right platform for your business. This Shopify review will look at the different aspects of the platform to see if it’s a good fit for you.
Shopify dropshipping stores have become popular recently, with many dropshipping stores having a higher average order value than many traditional eCommerce stores.

What are the top Shopify dropshipping stores in recent years?

Dropshipping is the best service design for business owners due to the fact that they can establish service with little up-front investment. Basically, you do not require to shop items when doing dropshipping; you just discover consumers and make sales while the provider would do the making, product packaging, and shipping for you.

With Shopify dropshipping technique, you can rapidly check various organization concepts, make your items appealing, and look after consumers. And when your shop grows, you can scale with Shopify strategies to keep things running efficiently.

Shopify approximated that you just require about $500 to begin drop shipping with the platform, which is a rather low price compared to all the tools and resources you can access when registering as a user.

To get more information about dropshipping, you can read our Shopify dropshipping guide. In the meantime, let’s see the leading effective Shopify dropshipping shops to get experience and discover some important lessons for your eCommerce roadway ahead.

1) Love Your Melon

  • One of Shopify’s most successful stores – Love Your Melon
  • Target countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Colombia
  • 30-day ads: 156
  • FB likes: 1356175

There are not many styles of products, hats, scarves, and headbands in the Love Your Melon store. They are also not expensive, with prices ranging from $20 to $45. Since these hats are worn by children suffering from cancer, they are also very particular about the material. Made of 100% cotton, very soft.

“Love Your Melon” has established its own blog and recorded every charity event. This is a Shopify store that sells hats, not just a Shopify store that sells hats.

You can find its website and store analysis in FindNiche. If you often use FindNiche’s search function, you may find that most crowded stores may be imitated by others, including domain names and Shopify store names.


2) allbirds

  • One of the most successful Shopify stores-all birds
  • 30-day ads: 160
  • FB likes: 157367

Allbirds’ slogan: the light on the feet, the light on the planet. The charm and its core advantages are reflected. allbirds is a successful Shopify outlet store selling shoes. The idea is to do better things in a better way. Environmental protection and comfort are the two biggest features of allbirds shoes. Their raw materials come from wool, trees, and even recycled materials, recycled nylon. The shoes produced by this method are very soft, comfortable, and wicking.

3) allplants

  • One of Shopify’s most successful stores – allplants
  • 30-day ads: 159
  • FB likes: 41238

allplants is a gourmet shop. Its store design is very attractive, and the homepage banner is a dynamic video showing the entire process from plant growth to placement on the table. The visual impact makes the food look attractive, as if it can be presented to you in the next second.

4) davek

  • One of the most successful Shopify stores – davek
  • Target country: UK, Ireland
  • 30-day ads: 138
  • Number of FB likes: 3309

Davek is a Shopify store that sells umbrellas. Davek’s windproof, sturdy frame system and waterproof awning combine technology with pure aesthetics to create the best quality umbrella in the world!

On the one hand, it sells very unique products, focusing on the manufacture and sale of umbrellas; on the other hand, its store design is very beautiful.

5) smartfits

  • One of the most successful Shopify stores-smartfits
  • Target countries: Britain, Australia, China, Colombia, Egypt
  • 30-day ads: 274
  • FB likes: 57330

smartfits is a shopify store that sells phone cases. The mobile phone cases it sells cover almost all major mobile phone brands and models on the market.

6) Headphonezone

  • One of Shopify’s most successful stores – Headphonezone
  • Target countries: India, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil
  • 30-day ads: 95
  • FB likes: 76298

This is a successful Shopify store that specializes in selling headphones. Headphone zone sells the best headsets from more than 60 top brands in the world. Its authorized sellers include Sony, Sony, Sennheiser, JBL, RHA, etc.

7) Snowboardaddiction

  • One of Shopify’s most successful stores – Snowboardaddiction
  • Target countries: United States, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand
  • 30-day ads: 280
  • FB likes: 169734

Snowboardaddiction provides everything related to skiing. Including free video lessons and tutorials, skiing skills, etc.

8) Mooshe Socks

Simply take a look at the shop, and you instantly understand what they are offering. That is right, socks! Adorable, dumb, outrageous socks. And at their high video game, they make over $250 of sales daily.

Mooshe Socks is a terrific example of dropshipping. They have a specific niche item, a gorgeous site, and a sense of design to come up with cool collections of socks. They even have a subscription program, in which customers can get a box of designer’s socks every month.

9) Shopepie

The next shop has a vast array of hats to select from. However, prior to that, Shopepie offered numerous other clothes items like t-shirts and trousers. My guess is that they chose that the specific niche of hats is what matches their finest.

With over 17 kinds of hats to select from, consumers can search for countless items to pick which match them. The shop likewise has collections for seasons like Christmas or Super Bowl.

What you can gain from this shop is how they develop their item pages. They are cool, and tidy, with clear call-to-action buttons and excellent use of colors. The page likewise has packing animation whenever a brand-new page loads, which can be great or not based upon your views. I like it, however, given that it is rather various.

10) Hiut Jeans Co.

” Do something well” – an expression that can not match dropshipping more. Hiut Jeans Co. has actually handled to attain the title of one of the most effective Shopify shops for doing that. Though simply a basic clothes site, the shop utilizes wonderful photos and slick copywriting to make a special ambiance.

Not just do they promote their hometown items, but, they likewise produce a club around it, which is called “No Wash Club” – which essentially informs people not to clean a set of denim jeans after a minimum of 6 months. This can be an amazing concept to make your specific niche more unique.

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