turbo shopify theme free download 6.0.1

turbo Shopify theme free download: Are you looking beautiful, powerful & flexible Shopify theme for your website? Turbo is one of the most popular themes for  Shopify websites. We have shared Turbo– Shopify theme For Free Download Latest Version. Here you can free download this theme under GPL license.

Turbo is a fully-loaded, premium theme that is perfect for Shopify. Offering high-demand Features, performance, and rich design flexibility, Turbo is a favorite among industry professionals and experienced merchants.

Turbo is a Shopify theme that is among our free themes. It’s a fully responsive theme with a modern design. It is perfect for any eCommerce store. This theme has an e-commerce design that’s been tested by the Shopify themes lab. Turbo theme is a Shopify Plus theme that is designed to offer you the best experience in an e-commerce store. This blog will take you through some of the key features of the theme and how you can leverage these features to build powerful e-commerce stores.



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Turbo Shopify theme features

  • The Turbo user tries to predict the next page that will start loading that page in the background. That way, if the user clicks on the link, the page will already be partially or fully loaded.
  • Dynamically minified HTML, Lazy loading, optimized images responsive to all screen sizes
  •  Instantaneous page transitions for ultra-fast navigation
  • Accelerated Quick View functionality, Predictive (live) search
  •  Enhanced mobile browsing experience and performance
  • Highly configurable full-width slideshow and banner image sections with multiple action buttons, text and color settings
  • High-impact promotional sections with a wide variety of display options
  • Versatile navigation configuration, including multiple menus and logo alignment options
  • Extendable mega menu with multi-column submenus
  • Dismissable promotional banner animated, interactive mini cart
  • Multiple, configurable page templates for more advanced layouts
  • Expanded styling options for newsletter signup
  • Choose between two display settings: Ludicus and Sport. Each mode is designed to run your site quickly, but as smoothly as possible.
  • Keep your collection organized by creating five advanced mega menu layouts, each containing five columns of configuration content.
  • Adjust the section design directly in the theme editor to make your site more customizable.
  • Add tabs usage, add exclusive sections, embed videos, and move your parts or your entire ritual details under the product image under the fold.
  • The Easy Popup feature is used to encourage visitors to your store to subscribe to your newsletter, allowing visitors to learn about new products, promotions or sales, and discounts.

Live Demo/Preview of Turbo Shopify Theme


Turbo Shopify Theme free download link below


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Final Thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed our blog post about Turbo for Shopify. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your eCommerce store and create a beautiful online store for your customers. With a bright, minimalist design, Turbo is a fully-loaded, premium theme that is perfect for Shopify Plus merchants. Offering high-demand functionality, reliable performance, and rich design flexibility, Turbo is your one-stop shop for building a professional-looking eCommerce store.

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